2017 Season Waiver and Membership Application Instructions

When filling out this application, please do not use any punctuation in your legal name – no periods please.
Acceptable Legal Name: John Q Public or John Quincy Public or John Public
Unacceptable Legal Name: John Q. Public

If you are a “Perm” (Seasonal Site Member), please also fill out the bottom section with your site information and preferred phone number while in camp. Tell us if you want your name published in the Perm directory to be distributed only to other Perms. If you select “No” or do not fill it out, then your information will only be available to office staff.

The email address used in this document is only used to send you a copy of the signed and sealed electronic document.  You will asked to enter it twice in order to confirm we have the correct email address. Your email address provided is not used, or not added to, any email marketing lists at Hillside Campgrounds unless you have already signed up for the Campground Newsletter with the same email address.

This form is a legal document, if you are attempting to fill this out for someone else, that is just like “forgery” for a paper document.

Please note that signing of this document does not complete the membership process. The membership process is completed on your first trip to Hillside Campgrounds for the 2017 Season by showing a Photo ID to match against your electronic document, paying your membership fee and receiving a membership card.

Hillside Campgrounds

2017 Waiver

Hillside Campgrounds – 948 Creek Road, New Milford, PA  18834
2017 Season Waiver and Membership Application 

I assume sole responsibility for the safety of my person and property while I am at Hillside Campgrounds located at 948 Creek Road, New Milford, Susquehanna County, PA 18834.

I acknowledge that I am entering a campground with limited improvements and I am here for the express purpose of enjoying the rustic outdoor environment.

I understand that the paths and roadways are unpaved and that the swimming pool is shallow and unattended by a lifeguard or other personnel and there are no security guards.

I acknowledge by signing this 2017 Waiver and Membership Application, that I am waiving my rights to hold the owners and operators of the Hillside Campgrounds liable for any injuries which I may sustain either as the result of my own action or non-action or by engaging in any activity with other persons who may be at the campgrounds.

I waive any claim at law or equity which might arise and I bind my heirs, executors, or administrators to this agreement. I further agree to save harmless and to reimburse the owners and operators of the Hillside Campgrounds from any suit (or judgement which may result from said suit) caused by my own actions.

I agree to follow all camp rules whether stated in writing or given verbally by an authorized representative of the Hillside Campgrounds and agree to review printed rules carefully and follow them. Printed rules are always available in the Campground Office, posted on signs around the campground and can be viewed online at http://hillside.camp/rules

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Email Address:

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Emergency Contact Name:
Emergency Contact Phone Number(s):
Does your emergency contact know that you at a gay clothing optional campground?:


———- This section is for Seasonal Members Only – “Perms”
Perms – Site Name: 
PermsPreferred Phone Number while in camp:   ()
Perms – Can we publish your information in a list for distribution to other Perms?


This 2017 Waiver and Membership Application shall remain in effect from the date of signature, , until May 1, 2018.

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