Covid-19 Information

How Hillside is Responding to the Covid 19 Crisis.


As Hillside begins to re-open, please follow these guidelines:

1. We need everyone to follow the strict mitigation rules which include social distancing, masks in public, REC HALL and POOL mitigations (as posted) and assuring gatherings remain in groups not to exceed the Pennsylvania Governors guidelines (currently no more than 25)

2. Please observe ALL posted signs, directions, off-limit spaces, etc.

3. Fire & Flix on Thursday night is cancelled until further notice.

4. Bingo is cancelled until further notice.

5. The pool AREA will be open, but the pool is off limits until further notice. You are welcome to bring your own chairs and tables to sit by the pool. Masks ARE required, social distancing must be employed, and we ask they you remove all trash, and your chairs, when you leave.

6. The bonfires will resume on Friday night. Again, social distancing practices and masks are required. There will be no tables and chairs on either the rec hall or cafe decks.

7. Club Inferno will be open starting Friday night. Demetri will be your weekend DJ in Club Inferno! Country 9p-10p, Dancing 10p – 2a. Demetri is responsible for keeping the dance floor numbers limited, please follow his directions.

8. HAVE FUN! I know these are a lot of rules, but it is for YOUR protection. We are trying to make Hillside as much fun as we can.

9. ANY QUESTIONS please call the office at (570) 756-2007.

According to clarification we received from the Governor’s Office, the Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association was granted that Campgrounds come into a category of essential business. Each camp must comply with the guidance given concerning mitigation against the present corona virus impacting our communities. Hillside reviews official updates, the data surrounding the illness and the seriousness of the times we are living in. Hillside opens the grounds a day after the current federal guidelines which mandate cleanliness, distancing, and basic care for our fellow beings expires.

Taking all of this into account, and with a preponderance of caution, the following decisions have been made, to best inform the individual decision-making process of our residents, and as a worst-case scenario as of today.  We are not predicting the future, but we are preparing for it so in these very fluid times we ask you to understand that plans can change at a moment’s notice.

  1. Hillside Campgrounds will open on May 1, 2020 at 8 am for PERM and SEASONAL residents ONLY.
  2. ALL PERMs and SEASONAL Residents MUST utilize the online expedited check in process which requires payment and waiver to be completed prior to arrival.  Upon arrival an envelope with your membership cards etc., will be handed to you through the side window of the office near the ice machines.  We will communicate any need for rate adjustments in the near future.
  3. Any PERM unable to use the expedited check in process will make an appointment, ensuring no gathering of members in line at the office. Only one Office staff member will work inside the office, until further notice and office hours will be limited to 2-hour periods on weekends only as posted.
  4. No day camper passes will be issued until further notice.  Likewise, regular camping will be suspended until such time regulations allow.
  5. The REC Hall and the area behind the REC Hall will remain closed until further notice. That means no bonfire also.
  6. The swimming pool will be ready to open but the pool area will be locked and closed to the public until further notice. All required local and state testing will continue as mandated and in accordance with the Hillside Campgrounds Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  7. The food vendor may offer a limited take out menu, with limited hours, until further notice.  The hours and menus will appear on the Hillside website.  Mandatory drinking water testing will continue for the campground.
  8. Some restrooms will remain open, with an increase of cleaning and deep cleaning processes, in accordance with our SOP. Please bring personal wipes and anti-bacterial soaps for use as well.
  9. Gatherings by PERM residents will remain in keeping with distancing guidelines and be limited to the present 10 and under guidelines.
  10. Masks and gloves will be available to Hillside Staff and used under recommended guidelines. Hillside Staff will remain compliant with health guidelines and isolate themselves immediately upon showing even the most common symptoms associated with the virus.

Although these measures may sound extreme, Hillside Campgrounds continues to prioritize the health and safety of all. As rules are relaxed, our website and posted camp placards, will be updated.  Once this is over, we must all review again, our own personal health decisions, review our normal actions around others, and decide how to maintain our individual well-being.

As always, I am available to address your own personal concerns. I can be reached at

Please note that previous membership status is not a guarantee for future seasons.