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Perm Rules

General Conduct
As a general rule, whatever you do on your own site is your own affair – as long as you do not disturb your neighbors.  Anyone who is bothered by their neighbors(s) should first discuss the difficulty with their neighbor(s)If the problem persists, please see Wayne at the office during office hours.  Try to be a good neighbor yourself and your neighbors will appreciate it

Because Perms have been here longer than many of our temporary campers, others will expect you know how things operate. – you can set the example by not violating the few rules that are posted.  Please take time to review the campground Common Sense Rules.

Rates are adjustable each year and are either competitive or comparable to other campgrounds.  Perm rates are minimum double occupancy.   Single perms pay double rate and are then given free guest.

Insurance policies for camping trailers are inexpensive and highly advisable.  The campgrounds cannot be responsible for “acts of God” or vandalism, thefts, etc.  We make every practical effort to provide a safe &secure setting for your site; however, it is not possible for us to be everywhere at all times, winds, floods, lightning are not our control.  Please notify the office of unsafe conditions.

Pool Usage
Please follow posted rules and regulations. 

Electricity Usage
Your annual fee includes reasonable electric usage.  The cost of installing individual meters would be prohibitive therefore we need everyone to conserve and obey the guidelines below

Exterior lighting
cannot exceed 100 watts.   Whenever possible convert to use of LED lighting  

Air Conditioning
While such niceties are wonderful at times, the consume too much electricity and will overload the circuits.   Therefore, they cannot be run in the campground.

Please disconnect your battery and directly use power off your power converter.  Many batteries become weak after a few years and will constantly be charging if given the chance without you realizing it.  It is a good idea to connect your battery once a month, so it does not go totally flat.

Heating and Cooking Appliances
Please use gas operated appliances.   Except ordinary toasters, (NO TOASTER OVENS), no electric heating appliances of any kind can be used.   Please remember that simultaneously using toaster, coffee maker, microwave may trip the electric breakers.   Please plan accordingly.

Make every effort to utilize the refrigerator installed in your RV.  For those requiring 1 additional refrigerator it must be energy efficient and declared and paid for before use in camp. There are NO FREE REFRIGERATORS ALLOWED.

Electrical Work
Under NO circumstance are any Perms to alter electrical wires and/or circuit breakers.   The is a ZERO TOLERANCE rule and will result in revocation of camp membership and Perm status.

No Permanent Structures other than decks should be built on your site.   Any construction project must be approved by the campground.   Every effort must be made to perform construction during weekdays.  If construction must be done on weekend it is limited to between 12-4pm

Water Usage
Your annual fee includes reasonable water usage.  Camp water is supplied by wells, so it is important to conserve especially during heavy weekends.   No RV or car washing on Weekends.   Those using camp showers should keep them under 10 minutes.

Pets are welcome but are the responsibility of the owner to control.   Dogs must be on leashes at all times.   Excessive barking or aggressive behavior can not be allowed.  


Perm Site Guest
What better way to grow our camping family than by inviting friends to enjoy camp with you?   Guests are welcome as long as they are members in good standing and have a completed waiver on file.

The Perm must notify the office of guests at least a day prior to arrival.    Fees will be collected at time of arrival.   Should your guest be arriving after hours it is your responsibility to arrange payment prior to their stay.  Guest must stay overnight with Perm they are guest of.   No sharing free guest sites.