The Northeast Nudist Society

nns-logoThe Northeast Nudist Society is a membership nudist organization within Hillside Campgrounds – It is not clothing optional. Nudity is required on our site and at all of our meetings and functions unless the weather prevents it.  We were formed for the purpose of promoting male SOCIAL nudity within the campgrounds.

Membership is $60 for the first year and $40 thereafter although the dues are voted on annually at our Labor Day weekend meeting.

Formed as a social club under IRS regulation 501(c)7 we host 2 parties generally per year and have our own private site on the campground just before the nature trails. We have a communal shower, kitchen and large gravel/grassy areas on which to set up tents. We also have an extensive parking area open for our members and their guests. We are fully supported by member dues and their contributions.

For more information you can email or talk to any of our members. We are always open to questions from potential new members.

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