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Campground Common Sense Rules

Even Hillside Campground has common sense rules

With thousands of visitors at camp, guidelines must be enforced in an effort to make everyone’s experience a rewarding & enjoyable one.  The general philosophy of Hillside Campgrounds is that inside our gate, camp members can be themselves without the pressures we feel outside the gate.  With this in mind, it is necessary all camp members be considerate of each other.  We want your home away from home to be pleasant for all, this we ask everyone to follow a few important rules.

Driving:  The speed limit is 5 mph.  Please limit driving around the camp.  Once you enter the camp and park your car on your site, it should stay there until the end of your stay.  Day campers must park in the exterior parking lot.

Parking:  Your vehicle must fit completely on your site.  No parking on the grassy areas.   If you have a large vehicle, or there are many cars with your group, register your car in the camp office and park in the lot outside the front gate.

Illegal Activities: Use or possession of illegal drugs will not be tolerated anywhere on the camp property.  This is a zero-tolerance policy and the State police will be notified.   Whether legal or not, no firearms or weapons of any kind may be brought to camp.

Electric Use: Getting power throughout camp is challenging and costly. Since we all must share power with our camp neighbors, the following electric items are not permitted – heaters, grills, hotplates, or air conditioners.  Please limit outside lighting to no more than 100 watts and use LED lighting whenever possible.   Turn off lights when going to bed.

Our EV Policy: While we’re excited to support the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), our current infrastructure still needs to be upgraded before we can offer charging at the camp. However, we’ve found a fantastic solution to help plan your EV journey to Hillside: PlugShare. This resource is a great way to locate charging stations en route, ensuring your trip is as smooth and eco-friendly as your stay promises. We appreciate your understanding and proactive approach to sustainable camping.

Pets: Pets are welcome provided you follow common sense rules.   Pets are permitted to stay in cabins and rental RV’s with non-refundable surcharge.  PA Health and Safety regulations do not allow pets at the Rec Hall, Café, or Pool.   Owners are responsible to clean up after their pets. Dogs must be leashed at all times including when on your site.  All dogs bark but excessive barking can ruin the camp experience. You are responsible for your pet’s conduct.   If you can not control your pet you will be asked to leave.

Nudity: This is a clothing optional campground when inside the camp gate.  Clothes must be worn in the office and outside the gate.

Alcohol: This is a BYOB camp.  Alcohol is not for sale in the camp.  At times, beer or alcohol is served by groups at camp events.   Please enjoy them responsibly. Consumption of alcohol to point of impairment is not permitted in public.

Pool:  Posted rules and regulations set forth by the PA State Department of Health.  No glass bottles, pets or cameras are allowed anywhere int e pool area.  Cell phone pictures of others are not allowed at the pool; you may at times see pictures of the pool on our social media, however these have been taken by our staff and permission has been received. Shower before entering the pool.  Nudity is allowed at the pool., sexual activity and bodily fluids are not allowed. Personal music must be limited to device with earphones.

Quiet Hours: No loud music or excessive noise at your campsite between 11:00pm and 8:00am.  Your fellow campers will appreciate the quiet.

Campsite Care:   please leave your campsite as you would like to find it and help us preserve the natural beauty of the wooded areas.  DO NOT CUT ANY TREES.  Problems on/with a site should be reported to camp staff.

Trash:  Trash must be bagged and tied, placed in a trash can, or brought to dumpsters located on the parking lot on your way out of camp.  Remember, open trash may not attract the type of wild life you were expecting to entertain.

Fires: Fire pits are located at each site.   Fire safety is of utmost importance here in the woods.   Do not use gasoline or lighter fluid to start fire and never burn plastic or garbage.  The fumes can be both annoying and toxic.  Fires can not be left unattended and must be extinguished before going to bed or leaving camp site.   DO NOT CUT TREES.  Firewood is for sale at the camp office.

Hiking and exploring:  When walking the trails of camp, do not trespass on adjoining sites, or take shortcuts through others sites.  On the nature loop trails stay on the inside of the loop.   The outside is not part of camp property.  Venturing off the campground property can result in trespassing charges.

Outside Vendors:  Vendors and contractors must be pre-approved and arranged through the camp office.  You cannot conduct a business from your campsite without express permission from the camp management.  If you have a problem that requires someone from the outside, contact the camp office before making arrangements.

The Bottom Line: The most important rule to remember is respect and common sense.  We are all guests at this place provided for us.  It is a joint experience, so consider others in addition to your own needs.  If you don’t know or have questions about what might be permissible, ask the staff.   The camp reserves the right to remove anyone with behaviors that are deemed violent or overtly offensive.